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Welcome to Nature

Norrøna Adventure offers authentic experiences to unique destinations, both nationally and internationally, adapted to various physical levels. When you travel with Norrøna Adventure, you benefit from the experience we have gained from over 40 years of demanding expeditions and exciting adventures. Whether you prefer a private tour or are a participant in a small group, we guarantee an experience characterized by personal mastery, community and safety.


We offer real adventures, authentic experiences, exciting encounters with local cultures, and fantastic nature.

  • We work with established, local partners that we trust. Some of these have started their businesses with our support, and many of them have been with us for several years. They are also our friends, and assist us with everything along the way.
  • You are not just a guest on our tours, but an active participant. This means that you must contribute to the community, and be an active part of creating a memorable experience. This leads to a sense of mastery on several levels, both personally and collectively as a group, and where contact with new cultures and peoples broadens one's perspectives and values. 


We want to give you memories of a lifetime - where skills meet dreams - in an adventurous yet safe way.

  • "Activity" is the common denominator on our trips. You may get tired, and should be prepared to (possibly) freeze or sweat along the way. We cannot guarantee that you will reach the peak we have set as the goal for the  trip or reach the summit of Kilimanjaro, and it is possible that the clouds may hide the sunrise from Poon Hill in the Himalayas. This is the nature of adventures in the great outdoors, but we can assure you that we go to great lengths to ensure that your experience is as memorable as possible.
  • Many of our trips go to remote destinations, without mobile coverage or access to around the clock electricity. Elsewhere there is no electricity at all, or hot water for showers, if we are lucky enough to have a shower. Perhaps it is precisely these things that contribute to making such a memorable experience.
  • We take pride in offering that little something extra. You choose us because we know the hidden gems that you might not discover on your own.


Our employees love to share their passion for nature. Experience community, make new travel friends and explore the world with us.

  • With us, you travel in small groups and form strong bonds with fellow  participants, whether you're travelling solo or with company.
  • Our guides foster positive group dynamics while ensuring safe, meaningful, and personalized experiences.
  • The destination is important, but having someone to share the experience with is just as important. Many of our participants have found lifelong travel friends by exploring the world with us.


We strive to create sustainable tours with a focus on local ownership, and work to leave as small a footprint as possible. Through The Cairn Foundation (Stiftelsen Varde), we help to give back to local communities at several of our destinations.