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Reasons to travel with us

Experience that counts

No other Norwegian tour operator has taken as many guests skiing across Greenland, to the South Pole or on high mountains in the Himalayas as we have. When you travel with Norrøna Adventure, you benefit from the experience we have gained on demanding expeditions far off the beaten track. We who work at Norrøna Adventure have traveled (almost) all over the world, and of course know our own country better than most. All of this experiences is used to give you the best trip in Norway.  We love our job and are passionate about good travel experiences.

Our philosophy is as relevant today as it was 40 years ago: We create and organize trips that we ourselves want to go on! Travel with us and enjoy this experience.

We have trusted, local partners. We have worked with many of them years. 

The very best experience

Our tours are often the result of long travel experiences and are optimized so that you can have the very best outcome. However, not everything always goes as planned- some things we don't have 100 percent control over. What we can promise is that we will do everything we can to make your trip as good as possible. If you want a few extra holiday days before or after a group trip, we can even help you with that.

We go to great lengths to stitch together the perfect holiday for you, your family and your friends.

Experiences at all levels

Many people think that Norrøna Adventure only deals with expeditions and demanding trips. We don't - we have everything from hiking tours in Helgeland  to demanding skiing expeditions in Svalbard. We offer all different levels and trip types. 

As long as you like to move around in nature, we are sure that you will find an exciting trip that is just right for you.

We deliver the real thing

Our tours are different. On our trips you must be prepared to get tired. On some you have to be prepared to freeze. On other you have to be prepared to sweat. Of coruse we combine the sweat and the freezing with comfort as well. 

Norwegian culture focuses on simple and cozy accommodations with an importance placed on shared spaces to build community. The Norwegian word for this is “Koselig” or “Hyggelig”, which does not directly translate to English. This concept embodies the feeling of a warm and cozy atmosphere, where everyone is comfortable and feels at home.

Unique destinations

Many of our trips go to destinations off the grid. There are places where you can't check your email. There are some places where there is not even mobile coverage (consider it a privilege!).


Regardless of whether you are traveling on a demanding expedition in Svalbard, a week's hike in Lofoten or a kayaking adventure, you will benefit from the experiences we have gained over the past 40 years. We are experts in nature-based tourism.

You are not just a guest, you are a participant.

Our trips will make some demands of you as a guest; You can contribute! On all our tours, surprises may occur. On most trips, you will have the best time if you are flexible and travel with an open mind. On some trips it can also be an advantage to have a little patience. That's what it's like to be traveling!

There is a reason why so many people travel with us again and again. In 2019, a whopping 97.2% said they could imagine going on trips with Norrøna Adventure again - we are very proud of that.

Small groups and travel buddies for life

With us, you travel in small groups and get to have contact with all the participants, regardless of whether you travel alone or with someone. Smaller groups are more personal and you have a greater opportunity to leave your mark on the trip. We hope you experience a trip with Norrøna Adventure as a trip with friends. We know that many people have made travel friends for life by traveling with us.

We have skilled guides and expedition leaders

We are extremely proud of our guides and the effort they put in to create safe, good nature and cultural experiences. We believe that the guide is one of the most important contributors to ensuring that you have a good time on your trip. That's why we spend a lot of time getting the right guide for your trip.

Safety and training

Your safety is our responsibility Norrøna Adventure attaches great importance to safety. Many of our trips go off the usual tourist trails and at times we are isolated from the outside world. If the accident should happen first, you should know that you will get good help and follow-up. We have 24-hour standby when someone is on tour, and a close collaboration with can be contacted if medical advice is needed, both related to height and other medical issues. We make high demands on our partners, and place great emphasis on experience and understanding of our products.

You get the trip exactely the way you want it

If you want a few extra holiday days in connection with a group trip, we will be happy to help you with that. We go to great lengths to stitch together the perfect holiday for you, your family and your friends. Challenges in a safe environment create good nature experiences and travel memories.

We help you find the trip that suits you and that you can be proud of having completed when you get home.

We help you with the planning

We take pride in doing the little extra to ensure that you have a good time on your trip. If there is a small and charming family-run hotel, a hidden overlook or a secluded coffee shop that is worth visiting, we will know about it and take you there. You should choose us because we know about the charming gems that you cannot find on your own.

See our travel conditions. We are very concerned about responsible, sustainable tourism. In addition to our forty years of travel experience, your dream trip with us is also protected by the Travel Guarantee Fund.

This was a bit about what it's like to be on tour with Norrøna Adventure. And to summarize with the most important thing at the very end; On a trip with us, you get to experience all the reasons why the vast majority of people who have been on a trip with us once, travel with us again and again. Because once you've been "Hvitserker" once, we can almost guarantee that you'll be one for life.