Truls Piiksi Røraas

Truls recently graduated from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences where he took a bachelor's degree in outdoor life and education. The keen cyclist has a background from trail biking, but also acquired a taste for even steeper and faster biking than what the closest area around Oslo can offer. Therefore he has done a lot of downhill biking the recent years. Truls is also a big fan of water activities, and has experience from both kayaking, packrafting and canoeing.

After his bachelor's studies at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH), Truls jumps straight to PPU (practical-pedagogical education), in order to be able to teach the outdoor subject in school. He is passionate about working to get children and young people out in the outdoors and in activity, and has experience both from the trainer and guide front. In addition to instructing and guiding by bike, he also takes people out on trips both on foot and on the water - such as in packraft.

Trips with Truls Piiksi Røraas