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Petter Edvardsen Westgaard

Petter is one of our full time guides. He is trained as a ski guide and has a lot of experience - both as a free skier and when it comes to ski touring.

Petter is from Narvik in the Northern part of Norway but has settled down in Vold in the Western Part of Norway, surrounded by beautiful mountains, deep valleys, and unlimited ski and hiking possibilities right outside of his front door. 

Growing up, skiing and being outdoors in the mountains were a daily part of life, but eventually, it was no longer enough. This was a lifestyle to be lived 100%. A bachelor's degree in Outdoor Activities and Nature Guiding, as well as ski guide training under the auspices of NORTIND, was therefore the next stop, but of course after a couple of years as a genuine ski bum. Japan, Canada, and the Alps were quickly crossed off the list as temporary residences. When skiing is not the chosen nature activity, there are plenty of other activities that take up time: kayaking, glacier tours, climbing tours, and hiking are mentioned in the same breath. Petter is also certified as a kayak instructor, trough the Norwegian Canoe Association (NPF).

With Petter, the total experience is the focus when he guides. He occasionally refers to the pyramid of experiences from Finland when it comes to landing meaningful experiences.

Petter's philosophy is simple: Just be, that's why you are. See you on the trip!

Trips with Petter Edvardsen Westgaard