TheaTorvundLangeland@NorronaAdventure (2b)

Thea Torvund Langeland

Sales and booking

Thea joined Norrøna Hvitserk Adventure in March 2020 and loves her job of curating unique and memorable nature experiences in Norway. She serves as the project manager for several scheduled departures featured on the website, in addition to handling marketing and corporate sales.

Thea has a background from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and NTNU Trondheim in "Sports biology and movement science". In addition, she is currently studying "Experience-based Tourism" at Nordland Vocational School. Before joining Hvitserk, Thea has worked in customer service and sales at DNT Oslo, as a speaker for Anti-Doping Norway, and as a sales manager and assistant store manager in the sports industry for several years.

Thea is from the Drammen, just outside of Oslo, and has spent much of her childhood at the cabin in Hallingdal, close to the mountain areas of Skarvheimen and Hardangervidda. Her holidays have been dedicated to exploring the scenic landscapes of Norway, from deep fjords to lofty mountains. Jotunheimen and Svalbard hold a special place in her heart. Outside the office, she swiftly escapes to the mountains for summer hikes, climbing or engages in cross-country skiing, ski touring, and extended ski trips with a sled in winter (often in pursuit of Norway's best cinnamon bun). Among her adventures, Thea has solo skied across Hardangervidda with a tent and sled, climbed Imja Tse (Island Peak) in Nepal, crossed Svalbard from East to West on skies, and explored "Nordenskiold Land, Svalbard,". As well as visited both well-known and unknown places in Norway. Rago National Park, Senja, Hurrungane, Jotunheimen, and the picturesque fjords, particularly in the Sogn region, are some of her favorite areas.