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Travel insurance

On all our trips, we require you to have full health and accident insurance.

Some general things to be aware of when checking your insurance:

  • Some insurance companies require you to take out an extension if the single journey goes beyond a certain duration.
  • Pay attention to upper amount limits.
  • Does your insurance cover the loss of the purpose of the trip?
  • Luggage
  • Delays
  • In most cases, your normal travel insurance will cover you on the trip you are going on, so check with this before you buy a new one.

Some of our trips may end up in the category insurance companies call "expedition", which many do not cover. We therefore have a partnership with Global Rescue, which offers personal insurance with evacuation from most destinations in the world. Global Rescue is not travel insurance - only rescue insurance, and must therefore be combined with their partner IMG's travel insurance.

Global Rescue

Travel membership includes rescue and medical advice for all members:

  • Medical consultation services with emergency physicians, nurses and doctors.
  • Evacuation from the point of illness or injury, back to the member's home hospital*
  • GPS tracking and communication through Global Rescue's mobile app

Using Global Rescue requires that you make contact when you need help. You cannot organize things on your own and expect to be reimbursed for expenses afterwards. Global Rescue will always be in control of the process, and covers all necessary expenses for rescue.

*NB: It is important to note that this insurance only covers the return journey if there is a medical reason why this is necessary. In most cases, evacuation to the nearest hospital will be the first priority.

If you are travelling above 15,000 feet / 4,600m you have to add the "High Altitude Evacuation" coverage.  

IMG Signature Travel Insurance

It is important to note that Global Rescue is only personal insurance that covers your rescue/evacuation if you become ill or injured on the journey. It does not cover medical expenses, the trip itself/the value of the trip, cancellation, luggage, etc. Global Rescue has therefore partnered with IMG, which offers its Signature Travel Insurance. This insurance can be purchased separately, and must be purchased per trip. The price depends on the duration of the trip and the value of the trip.

Read more and buy Global Rescue og IMG Signature Travel Insurance here: