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Experience Oslo like a local on foot, bike, in a kayak or packraft

Book us for a day

Experience Oslo like a local on foot, bike, in a kayak or packraft

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Spend the day with us and experience Oslo like a local - just the way you prefer - from floating on the sea to riding down the hill on a bike, or seeing the city from one of the scenic hilltops. With loads of kos, hygge, and friluftsliv, we'll create a memorable day in the capital of Norway. Oslo is located between the scenic Oslo Fjord and the big forest region of Oslomarka - making it the best outdoor capital in the world. This combination of extensive shorelines, deep, lush forests, and a city center full of life creates the perfect foundation for exciting experiences from various perspectives. What is included during the day is entirely up to you, whether that is a picnic prepared at the beach or a barbecue in the forest,  we're here to make the perfect day for you!


  • Experience the hidden gems of Oslo 
  • Tailor the trip to your needs and desires
  • Experience the city in a kayak, packraft, on a bike or on foot 
  • Kos, hygge and friluftsliv - three essential norwegian words that is all about having a good time in nature (we will tell you more about this Norwegian secret on your day of adventure with us).
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Oslo by the water

Both the Oslo Fjord and the forest around Oslo provides numerous opportunities for engaging in water-based activities. The Oslo Fjord consists of many islands, ready to be explored by kayak. The forest around Oslo has many idyllic lakes perfect for packrafting. Spend the day exploring the city by water and enjoy the peace and quiet just minutes away from the city center.

To prepare us for a day on the water, we will begin with an introductory kayak or packraft course to learn about the equipment and feel the most comfortable before setting our course for the fjord. Therefore, no prior knowledge of paddling is needed, and all levels are welcome, from beginners to experienced paddlers. 

Oslo on wheels 

Escape the urban hustle and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature as you embark on a cycling adventure through Oslo's enchanting Nordmarka forest. This remarkable journey on wheels combines the thrill of biking with the beauty of Norway's wilderness. Before delving into the forest's depths, we'll start with a brief introduction to cycling in Nordmarka. 

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a novice, this adventure caters to all skill levels. You'll be provided with a high-quality mountain bike, helmet, and necessary safety equipment. Our knowledgeable guides will ensure you feel comfortable and confident, offering tips on handling the bike and navigating the forest trails.

Oslo on foot 

Whether you want to experience some of the many waterfalls around in Oslo, or see the city from above, on the most scenic hikes, we'll be your guide. Lace up your hiking boots and get ready to explore the city on foot with breathtaking views and tranquil nature. Maybe you want to explore the city's idyllic coastline, climb the popular hilltops or get lost in the deep forest. 



  • 24 hour emergency standby team
  • Guides with training in first aid
  • First aid equipment available
  • Cooperation with for medical advice while in the field

Safety and grading of trips

Physical level

1/6 Physical

These are our simplest tours and require minimal prior knowledge. On trips with this rating, the stages are relatively short and the pace is calm. We have plenty of time to enjoy the view and arrive at the day's destination. Can be carried out by anyone who likes activity and is in normal physical health.

Risk level

1/6 Risk

Activities/trips with minimal risk/everyday risk (incidents that can just as easily occur in everyday life).

What's included in the price


Oslo by the sea: We provide kayaks (solo or double kayak), splash covers, dry suits, paddle shoes, oars, and necessary safety equipment.

Oslo on wheels: a normal full- suspension bike is included. It is possible to upgrade to an electrical bike for an extra charge. 

In Norway, we say «uten mat og drikke duger helten ikke» which translates to “without food and drink, the hero cannot think”. A day full of activities requires a refill of energy, so, therefore, for all the activities, we bring traditional Norwegian snacks to make sure you stay fueled. 


We reserve the right to change prices. The day by day program is a guideline and changes may occur. You can refer to our general travel conditions for more information.

Travel insurance

On all our trips, we require you to have full health and accident insurance which will also cover any emergency transport home. Read more about travel insurance.